Keep The Fire Alive

Let's compute together!

Hello, dear visitor and, as we hope, the future (potential) member of our distributed computing team "Keep The Fire Alive!"! We are glad to see you on our webpage!

It doesn’t matter, if you are already sharing the power of your computer with world scientific community, or not. Anyway, we advise you to join our team, if you want to change your life, make it more interesting and different! You will feel the real power of your computer, the result of every upgrade, because we can show you the best way to earn maximum scores. Moreover, you will have our strong support whenever you need it. May be you don’t believe our words? So, you always can try, can’t you?

Join "Keep The Fire Alive!" if either the world scientific progress or competitive spirit is your main purpose. Because we are doing everything possible and impossible to reach this goal! We guarantee you, that it is far not an easy trip – the trip to the top positions. But we have chosen this way, and will never change it. We are not computing just for fun, we are starving to win!

Are you? So, let’s do it together!


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